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Poetry: “Regret”

Some reflections on our choices in life.




If I could change some aspect of my life

What would I do?

Would I fall for the temptation?

To do or undo things

I should have

Could have

Might have

Never did

I have heard it said that our mistakes are lessons

Things we can learn from

Help us become wiser

Better suited to the lives we lead

But mistakes are hard to notice

Sometimes it might take years

Years to see where we did wrong or chose the path

That leads nowhere


How can we learn from that I ask?

Would it not be better then, to simply go back

Press undo



Like a video game or computer program

Click and it’s gone


But life is not a computer program

It’s not a video game

And then when we find ourselves

Years down the line

Wond’ring what happened

What became of that hopeful child

You once was

Then there’s nothing you can do

But roll with it

If you can






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