Short story snippet: “Asteroids”

I asked myself today how I’d write one of those disaster stories which Hollywood liked to film about some disaster befalling the earth. So this would be a first chapter or a prologue to my disaster novel (depending on where I want to go next). Maybe try breaking some tropes to begin with, ha ha. (And maybe change the title to something better.)

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Short Story: “Rubicon”

I guess I wanted to shed some light on a certain important event in my novel protagonist’s past, a crossing of the title of this little story, so I wrote this. It’s also a song based story, as the first scenes came to me while listening to “Uprising” by Muse (some lines from Semisonic’s “Secret Smile” sneaked into this as well).

Oh, as an FYI: This story has two guys kissing, so if that’s not your cup of tea…Don’t click to read the rest of the story?

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Short story: “The Vacation”

Some days you feel uninspired and blank. Then you dig into yourself and find a memory and that sets off a whole chain of events and then you look up and realize you’ve been writing for almost an hour and have a decent inspirational story going.

Unfortunately I experienced a computer crash that ate a small chunk of text and killed my inner fire, but then I sat down again after a bath and finished the story! (I’m sorry for rambling today.)

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