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Poetry: “Serenade for Spring”

A silly thing I wrote today, as the weather outside did not match the calendar on my wall and the holiday that is upon us.

There are some references to a certain owned property here. Hopefully they won’t mind.


Why is this winter so very long?
Why can it never end?

The cruel snows have burdened us
Ever since the last leaves of fall
Fell off the mournful trees and
November arrived at our doors.

Easter is upon us
And yet the snow remains
It is not everywhere for sure
The sun has done its share

But the nights are always bitter cold
There are no blooms of spring.
There are no early birds outside
Arrived from far off shores.

The earth is hard and frozen still
The grass is dead and brown.
At night the ice comes creeping in
And undoes the work of sun.

Why oh why can we not
Have some southern winds?
What wrongs have we committed
To be punished in this way?

One does start to suspect
That this land is not our own
That we live now in the land of Westeros
With its peculiar rules.

The words “Winter is Coming”
Echoes in my head
And I wonder if this is a sign
Of a winter without end

So I arm myself with iron
I arm myself with flint
I wait for the fearsome Others
And their underlings the Wights

Soon the snow will be six feet deep
The Giants will appear
The dire wolves will live again
And we will have no more spring.

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